About Me

I am a drummer who performs and records with bands and projects in and around the San Francisco bay area.

The Underachiever is a fictionalized memoir of a young man trying to find love and happiness in all the wrong places.

Here are my thoughts on a variety of topics. From soccer to business, music, science and more.

Also, I take photos of things I admire. And occasionally I dabble in code, roughly speaking.


Bigelow's Treehouse

Live @ Art Boutiki - Sep 25, 2021

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The Underachiever

Written as a three-part series of novellas, the Underachiever is a fictionalized digital memoir. One part email confessional, one part fictional autobiography and two parts nonsensical quandary, The Underachiever mixes the romantic comedy into a romantic ridiculosity.
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The Underachiever Part 1 - Anticipation Bletchley Park Project - Bletchley Park Project Bletchley Park Project - Mirror Root Uncle Shinbone - Slohemia Uncle Shinbone - Sunny Day's Rain Dan Burke - Broken State Matter - Re-creation